King Gavin was actually really fun and cute and clever

skellyscoo had this rad music thingy up on her blog so I decided to do it too uvu

Put your music on shuffle and answer these questions! Once you’re done tag 10 followers!

1. title of the first song you land on describes how you die

(Coffee’s For Closers) - Fall Out Boy

2. second song will describe your love life. what is it?

Face To Face - Daft Punk (welp)

3. third song will be playing at your wedding. what is it?

Statistics - Madina Lake

4. add “in my pants” to the title of the 4th song you land on!

One More Time In My Pants - Daft Punk (I’m laughing so hard rn)

5. 5th song will be playing at your funeral. what is it?

Talkin’ That Shit - Jeff Williams, Lamar Hall (best tbh)

6. 6th song is your theme song. what is it?

Exile Vilify - The National (damn that’s deep though)

7. 7th song will play when you think of someone you love. what is it?

Ramble On - Led Zeppelin 

8. add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title of your 8th song!

Oh Yeah With a Shovel and a Screwdriver - Daft Punk 

9. 9th song will describe your week. what is it?

7 Minutes in Heaven - Fall Out Boy (quite the opposite was happening but alright)

10. 10th song will play when you miss someone. what is it?

Paint it Black - The Rolling Stones


listening to a giant game grumps remix playlist like


Geoff and his shorts in VS 81

I’m pretty sure the answer is “I am Groot”.

Literally seen P.T. like 6 times now.

Still fuckin jump every time